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Wisdom – Ecc. 8-9

It is interesting that in Ecc. 9:18, Solomon states that, “Wisdom is better than weapons of war; But one sinner destroys much good.” It is not that this is some revolutionary concept. I believe most people would understand the strength and power of wisdom. However, I am not sure that most people would understand the destructive and sin soaked power of those who are not wise. We are living in a day and age when the world has created its own kind of wisdom. The world has created its own kind of rules. We can look at the current Iraq war. The wisdom of the world has created a situation where a mad dictator had to be defeated because his wisdom told him he must rule his country by extreme force and oppression. Our wisdom told us that we had to sacrifice American lives to overthrow this dictator. I don’t say this to suggest the United States was wrong, in fact I believe it was the only option available to use when you look at the worldly wisdom. I find it immeasurably sad that we cannot run this world using Godly wisdom. Islamic nations have it right when they believe you cannot separate faith from government. Unfortunately, they have a wrong faith that teaches them to oppress those who disagree. They have a wrong faith that does not allow for people to live by their own conscience. Only when Jesus Christ returns and rules will be have a completely just theocracy. We will have a world of complete justice where every person continues to have the freedom to believe as they choose. It will be amazing that some will still chose not to believe, but it will also be an example of perfect Godly love – no one if forced to believe, they are just loved.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for loving us even when we refuse to love you. Thank you for not giving up on me and every other person on this planet. Thank you for loving us enough to let us fail you, ourselves and our fellow travelers. Please help me to understand your heavenly wisdom as much as is possible through my corrupt senses and twisted human wisdom. I thank you so much for your love, mercy and wisdom. Amen


Solomon continues his discussion of vanity and the general meaningless of life, but I actually think he is trying to say something much more profound. In fact, I think he is trying to show that meaning in life is dependent upon our joining with God. God gives each and every one of us a place in his plan. For some this may seem like a high loftly place and for others a low unimportant place. However, we do not have the ability to see God’s plan and therefore we do not have the ability to truly judge what is lofty and what is low. Solomon is trying to tell us we need to find contentment in where God has placed us. This does not mean we should not aspire to do better, grow and excel. It just means we should be joyful knowing we are in God’s plan. I would go as far as to argue that if you find no joy in your current situation it is highly unlikely you will be able to do the things you need to do to excel, do better and grow. Finally, Solomon understands that joy is not completely situational. If we are truly following God and seeking to be more like him we can have confidence and joy even under the worst circumstances (think of the martyrs for the faith).

Dear Jesus,

Help me to find my joy and satisfaction in you and the knowledge that I am were you want me to be at this time. Help me understand that even bad circumstances will change in your timing. Give me the strength to continue to be patient and seek your will and not my fleshly satisfaction. Thank you for leading and guiding me each and every day. Amen.