Where is my hope? – Job 15-17

“Where then is my hope, who can see any hope for me?” If Job made any one mistake in his trial it was his reliance on man in his search for answers and hope. It becomes easy to see as he becomes more and more despondent that he finds it more difficult to keep his eyes on God. At the same time he realizes his “friends” have nothing to offer but ungodly, worldly wisdom that is nothing by empty words. His friends keep on telling him that he cannot know the ways of God nor can he know what sins he has committed against God. While it is true no human can completely fathom the ways of God, we can definitely know if we are righteous before God (What do you think God created the conscience for). Job knows he is a righteous man, but he does not understand that he must rely on God even more in this time. He is exactly right when he says, “…my plans are shattered” (Job 17:11). He must give up his plans are rely on God’s plans. This is the greatest lesson for anyone who calls themselves a Christ-follower. It is not about our dreams and ambitions. It is about us following God’s dream for this world and working with him to find out where he would like us to fit in that plan. Along the way there may be trials and tribulations (we can only hope not as bad as Jobs, but we also know God will use any trail for good), but in the end if we honor God and follow his ways our path with be straight.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for creating a plan from the beginning of time that is perfect for my personality, skills and gifts. Help me to keep my eyes on you and your course of action. I know I am prone to planning my future even though it is not possible for me to see everything you have already set before me. You love and grace is amazing. Your desire for my life is exhilarating and wonderfully planned. Help me to wait on you. Amen.


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