We are all equal – Job 18-21

“One man dies in full vigor, completely secure and at ease, his body well nourished, his bones rich with marrow. Another man dies in bitterness of soul, never having enjoyed anything good. Side by side they lie in the dust, and worms cover them both.” – Job 21:23-26 is some of the wisest words Job has said to this point. I am not even sure if he is aware of how profound his statement is. All of Job’s friends have been talking about God blessing the righteous and cursing the wicked. In these statements they are trying to get Job to admit he must be a wicked man because his is not blessed. However, Job brings it right to the truth when he points out that all of us will die whether we are good or bad. There is one fate at the end of this earthly life. The fact is true reward or punishment does not come in this life, but the life following. Job seems to understand this at least at an elementary sense. It would be good for every other Christian to come to understand this. God does not promise us a life of ease and riches. He does not promise us a life of unlimited success. What he does promise us is to supply our needs day by day if we will rely on him. This is the greatest thing we could ask for and much more than we deserve.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for not putting our reward or punishment on this earth. This earth could never be an adequate reward nor and adequate punishment. Thank you for loving us enough to go and prepare a place for our reward that is greater than we could ever imagine. Thank you also for the ability to bring as many with us into this reward as would chose to come. Help me to be a man who seeks after you and your kingdom and not the glories of this world. I love you. Amen.


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