Archive for October 3rd, 2003

By George David Denson

Two men walked along the Emmaus Road
One early Easter morn —
Their minds confused,
Their contenance downcast,
Their hearts asunder torn.

A stranger drew near to them
On this most fateful day —
To them words of understanding,
Comfort and courage,
The stranger did say.

Intently the two men listened
To this stranger on Emmaus Road —
As He taught them the Scriptures,
To them was given a rebirth,
Of faith and hope.

Stay with us till the new day dawns,
Was their most pressing plea —
Teach us the right path of peace,
And our brothers and sisters,
We will truly lead.

Today, two peoples, Jews and Arabs
Are fighting an endless war —
The Emmaus Road Stranger,
Continues to faithfully walk,
Their blood-stained shores.

The Emmaus Road Stranger
Is the Risen Christ of Galilee —
For all people to walk,
In lasting peace,
He silently, but fervently pleads!


One of the first rules I ever learned in politics was, “Dance with the ones that brung ya.” This rule was coined by Tip O’Neil to get across the point that you need to be loyal to those who helped you win the election. Hosea 5-8 is a divine example of this principle. God has pronounced judgment on Israel because they have forsaken the way of the Lord. He has already sent the prophet Hosea to warn them, but they are unwilling to listen. Essentially, they are refusing to “dance with God.” Since God is the creator of all, omnipotent, omniscient, etc. it becomes vitally important to follow him. We would all do well to take Tip O’Neil’s rule of politics and apply it at a much higher level – our whole life.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your wonderful mercy and grace. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to become part of your dance of life. Thank you for creating us for companionship with you. Help me to live my life in your will. Help me to serve you humbly each and every day. You are the God of gods and the Lord of lords. I love you. Amen.