Archive for October 13th, 2003

Israel was a land created by and blessed by God for his children – the Nation of Israel. They were called to be a people after his own heart. At first they were and they prospered greatly. However, they soon turned from God’s ways. They still succeeded greatly in the early phases of their idoletrous life. This is the it seems to always happen. Often the foundations for failure and decrease is being laid during the times of growth and prosperity. Israel was no exceptions. Their success caused them to no see there need for God. They believed they could rely on their own strength, army and wealth. However, this is simply not possible. The things of this world my seem like they are filling your wants and needs, but in fact they are failing you little by little. The failure is purposely slow so you will not realize you are in a troublesome situation until it is too late.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are the wonderful provider and conqueror. You are the wonderful prince of peace and almighty God. I will never b e able to completely comprehend or grasp your ways. Thank you for helping my fruit to increase even as I draw closer to you. Thank you for helping me to stay away from those evil foundations which would cause the decrease and failure to come quickly. Thank you for loving me so much to keep me from going back to Egypt. I love you. Amen.