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In 1 Chronicles 9 we find Paul having to argue with the people that he does have the spiritual authority to be writing letters of scripture. In 1 Chronicles 10 we find Paul having to remind the Corinthians that even though they are not bound by the law all of their actions should be carried out in love. They are reminded they need to be a person who makes sure they would not do something which would cause others to fall from God’s grace. In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul has to take the opportunity to remind the Corinthians they should not use communion as a time of gluttony and exclusion of the poor. Instead, he reminds them it is a sacred moment of remembrance and contemplation.

In each of these cases we can see the Corinthians are having “heart problems.” The Corinthians need to look at other people through the lens of Christ’s love. When they do this their actions will begin to resemble those of Christ.

Dear Christ Jesus,

Just like the Corinthians, I often fail to look at people through your eyes. I often have “heart problems” because I am callous and self-centered. Lord, forgive me and change me. Help me to love other and accept those you have placed in authority. I love you. Amen.


Are we truly different that those who are not Christ-followers? Can someone look at us and see a difference that makes them want to be more like us? Or are the differences people see, ones that repel them? I think of the Christians who were happy when Matthew Shephard was killed. Do you believe Jesus was happy? I don’t. I think of the Christians who protest, shout and rage at abortion clinics, but don’t spend time helping women who made a mistake and need help getting through an unplanned pregnancy. What if we were to establish a ministry to help those who were having a hard time after an abortion. What if we were to help them see that God still loves them even though they took the life of an innocent child. What if we were to take the same attitude we see Jesus take – LOVE.

Dear Jesus,

Help me to see people through your eyes. Help me be a Christ-follower who truly shows your love and forgiveness. Help my life lead people to you and not away. Thank you for your love and mercy. Amen.