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Rehoboam was handed the Kingdom by his father, Solomon. The people came to him and asked him to lighten the tax load because it was so heavy during Solomon’s reign to finance the construction of the temple, palaces, cities etc. Rehoboam chose not to listen to the advice of advisors who had served his father. Instead he listen to the advice of his friends. In this process he showed a lack of wisdom and ended up losing ten of the twelve tribes. However, from there he made wise decisions and consolidated his throne over the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Then he made the most foolish mistake of all. Rehoboam led the people away from the worship of the one true God. He became confident in his ability to rule and his own wisdom. What a mistake. God is the giver of safety and wisdom.

Dear Jesus,

Help me to see you as my source of strength, safety and wise counsel. Help me to look to you for help making decisions and understanding our world. Thank you for your promise of help. Your love is amazing. I love you. Amen.