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In these verses we see King David’s desire to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. In his first attempt he does not follow the proper rules God set forth for the handling of the Ark and one of the people bearing the Ark is struck down. In the second attempt he understands his mistake and corrects it. In this instance the Ark is successfully brought to Jerusalem. When you look at this story one of first questions that come to mind is, “Why does the way in which the Ark is handled matter?” There are a lot of potential answers, but in reality I believe it is the wrong questions. We can guess all day answers like, “It is because of the sacred nature of the Ark” or “It is God’s way of showing his people they must obey”. The real issues God’s authority. We don’t always need to know all of the answers. In fact, I often wonder if God simply does not want us wasting all of our time looking for foolish answers that he purposely put things in our paths that would remain a mystery until we see him. It would fit a wonderful sense of humor and divine love.

Heavenly Father,

Help each and every day to concentrate on that which is important and ignore that which is unimportant. Help me live my life doing those things which help people find you and ignore things that just get in the way. Help me see you as the loving God you are and not as a god of rules and regulations. Your love overwhelms me. Amen.