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The people of Israel had seen God do miracle after miracle. They saw the Red Sea part and then swallow the Egyptian who were pursuing them. The won battle after battle they should have lost. He provided manna during their forty year trek through the desert. But the people of Israel still said, “What have you done for me lately?” Jeremiah was sent to them as a prophet to call them back and remind them how God is with them and helping them each and every day. Only when they refused to turn back to him did they again lose their freedom (just like the Egypt experience.) God is with us each and every day even when we don’t realize it or pay close enough attention to notice.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Give me eyes to see and ears to hear. You are with me and active in my life everyday. Thank you for being there even when I don’t notice. I love you. Amen.


The End – Job 37-42

Job and his friends both said a lot of very stupid things. Job accused God of being unfair. His “friends” accused him of being untruthful. God, of course, set the record straight. God is never unfair (we deserve everything bad thing we bring upon ourselves), God is never capricious. We may not be able to understand his ways, but there is an amazing logic behind each and every action. The fact is, God is the all in all, the everything. He is the alpha and the omega. He is the creator of righteousness and the creator of choice. We should be thankful he gave us both.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving us enough to give us the opportunity to fail. Thank you for giving us the power of choice. Only in choice can we show you true love and can you true love shine through. Help me to choose to serve you each and every day. I love you. Amen.

Elihu makes a number of statements that show he is absolutely lacking in knowledge and wisdom about God. He also tells all of others accuser of Job that they are wrong (while this is true, it still shows his arrogance). One of the most of base statements is his claim that our sin does not affect God. This is just simply wrong. God has placed so much of his love into us that he is deeply hurt when we fail to follow him. It is true, God does not need us, but he so very much wants us to be in communion with him. He created us to be his grand creation that would be in fellowship with him. When we sin and separate ourselves from him, he is definitly hurt.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving us so much that you want to be with us and talk to us each and every day. Thank you for forgiving us to restore this communion. Help me to serve you and love you. Help me accept your forgiveness so I can be in communion with you. I love you. Amen.

Job 31:3 says, “Is it not ruin for the wicked, disaster for those who do wrong?” These are words of truth from Jobs lips, but they are in the wrong place. Job is looking for the wicked to be brought to disaster on this earth, in this time. However, God has made it clear he had given Satan dominion over the earth. Those who do evil my prosper on this earth, but they will come to disaster when it really matters…eternity. Christ-followers may feel like they are living in disaster in the here and now, but we must remember that our future and hope belongs with God and his promises.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for being with us each and every day. Even when Satan comes against us, you stand beside us, in front of us and behind us. Thank you for loving us even when we fail. Help me to serve you each and every day. Amen.

Somethings in life our priceless. Even MasterCard agrees by letting us know things like friendship, love etc. are priceless. Wisdom is one of those priceless things. However, unlike love, friendship, courage and many other traits, wisdom is hard to find. Wisdom is definitly something that cannot be bought at any price. In fact, If you look at our world, I wonder how many of us really have it. We live in a world of starving people when there is plenty of food grown and proceeded. We are not wise enough to figure out how to produce and distribute it effectively. We live in a world were people kill each other over religion each and every day. However, Almost all of the major religions teach us to love one another (Islam is the lone exception – it calls for killing those who do not believe.) We are not wise enough to live in harmony and denounce a faith that claim killing of others over faith is okay. We simply live in a world of fallen people who only think of themselves. That is definitely not very wise.

Dear Heavenly Father,

The truth is all real wisdom comes from you. We are failed humans and cannot make wise decision on our own. I am sure you must weep when you look at the mess we have made of your creation. Help me to use your wisdom in your service. Thank you for protecting me from myself and lending me your wisdom. I love you. Amen.

Jobs friends are hard on him. They basically tell him that he must have sinned greatly or these bad things would not be happening to him. In one sense they are right. Just like all of us, Job has sinned greatly. However, they are wrong in thinking only the evil experience what Job is going through. In this case Job has the right attitude. First, he tells his “friends” that they are no better than he is. The have made mistakes by not helping those who are less fortunate, the unwise etc. More importantly, Job takes the attitude in chapter 27 that no evil words or actions will come from him regardless of what he is going through. Job has made up his mind to serve God no matter what.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please give me the resolve of Job. I know thought times will come, but I ask for you help in not turning my back. Job served you under the worst of circumstances. Help me to do the same. Thank you for mercy and grace. Thank you for forgiveness. I love you Lord. Amen.

Can We Benefit God? This is a very interesting question. Some theologian believe we were created to be companions to God. This seems very unlikely to me because our all knowing God knew we would fall and therefore not be able to be his companions. So we do not benefit him as companions. As worshipers we do not benefit God either. We fail miserably to worship him correctly and whole heartedly. God is a god of extreme LOVE. We are his creation. We benefit from his love, grace, mercy. God obviously had a desire to create, but that does not show we benefit him. The only reason I believe we exist is because of his LOVE.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your extreme LOVE. We cannot fathom why you created us. We cannot fathom any benefit we are to you. We only know you do love us and you did create us. Thank you for that. Help me to serve you every day and show you my love as best as possible. I love you Father God. Amen.

In Job’s pain and anguish he makes one statement that is blatantly false, but it also a statement that is believed by most people on this earth even those who are Christ-followers. Job blames God for the calamities that have befallen him. He put the responsibillity squarley in the hands of God. However, scripture is very clear that God is not to blame for the bad things that happen on this earth. Satan has been given dominion over the earth for this period of time because of our sin. Sure, God could stay in complete control, but by letting Satan have sway he had given us the greatest gift of all – free choice. We must never forget, God does not bring bad things upon us, we bring bad things upon ourselves because of our sin.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help me remember each and every day that you are the author of all that is Good and Righteous. Help me remember that my mistakes, sin and those of others bring ony what we deserve upon ourselves. Thank you Lord for giving me a way out – YOU. I love you Lord. Amen.