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As I read the word of God, I am often humbled by his great mercy. In Jeremiah we read much about the promised judgment against Israel and Judah because of their rebellion against God. We see the promise of destruction and desolation and then we read the restoration. The fact is Israel and Judah (and us) deserve the destruction and desolation. We turn our back on our Creator and Lord. We reject communion and fellowship is our Heavenly Father. Yet, God does not turn his back on us. He tries to discipline us to come back to him and in that discipline he give us great and precious promises of restoration. This is restoration we neither deserve or should expect.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your great and precious promises. I am always amazed and humbled that you give us one more change time and time again. Your mercy and grace overflow. Help me to accept your mercy and grace and serve you each and every day. I love you Lord. Amen.


When every I read the stories of Israel and Judah’s faithless action in the books of Jeremiah and Isaiah, I am overwhelmed by their short memories. These area people who saw miracle after miracle as God brought them out of Egypt. These are a people who defeated much larger armies through the miracles of God. These are a chosen people. Yet these are a people who do not want to be chosen. They reject God. The rebel against God. I also have come to understand very intimately the shortness of our memories. How often do we forget even within our own lifetime the miracle and blessing God has bestowed upon us. In some sense we each have our own Egypt experience, but we don’t remember it.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help me to never forget my journey in Egypt. Help me never forget the miracles and blessing you have done for me to get me out of Egypt and bring me to this place on my journey. Thank you for loving me and guiding me along this path. I love you. Amen.

Sometimes it is impossible to not feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the fact we have a God who does not give up on us. He is a good who forgives, loves, is disappointed in our actions and forgives and loves again. We have a God who has given us everything and continue to give and give even though we do not deserve it. Just look at all of the blessings in your life that are brought by God – friends, family, work, children etc. Just look at all of the things we do against the word of God, yet he still forgives us and loves us. It is amazing to know that we don’t deserve it, but we can always count on it.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for unconditional love and continued forgiveness. Help me to reach as high as possible toward your truth and ways of conduct. I truly want to be like you. You are the God of gods and the Lord of lords. I love you. Amen.

Most Christ-followers have been taught all of their lives that God knows the past, present and future. I am beginning to question what this really means. In Jeremiah 16-18, God tells the people of Judah through Jeremiah that they have the choice to change their was and save their country or continue in sin and be taken into captivity. If God gives us such great choice, then does he really know the future. If God knows (and controls) the future, do we really have choice. It is becoming easier for me to believe our all powerful God can and does manipulate this world when he see fit, but he does not necessarily know the future. This, however, does not limit God. He retains the power at all times to control and he knows things exactly as they happen (thus he still knows everything). The future does not exist, so therefore there is nothing to know about it.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Even as I write this, I feel like I am saying blaspheme. However, I also feel like what I am saying is only blaspheme in the eyes of the church and not you. Help me to know what I need to know and to love you like I have never loved before. Amen.

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My mission is simple…
To be on mission with God.

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To help the widow and the orphan – the Least of These.

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It is amazing to read the books of the Prophets and see that they clearly told the people of Israel and Judah what would befall them if they did not repent. However, they did not. At first glance this does seem amazing, but then you begin to wonder. People all to often come to believe nothing bad is going to happen. If we had know about the 9/11 terrorist attacks before they happen would be have believed it? I highly doubt it. Just like Israel and Judah, we don’t think anything bad is going to happen (in fact, we are already starting to forget the lessons of 9/11.) It makes you think, how many modern day prophets are telling us to turn our path back to God before he takes out judgment upon us? Probably quite a few.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Give me eyes to see and ear to hear truth. Help me to be a beacon of light to people who are ready to hear the truth of your word. I thank you for helping me to become a Christ-follower. I ask that you would use me to help others become Christ-followers. You are wonderful and amazing. I love you Father. Amen.

Mercy – Psalm 123

Psalm 123 is a short passage that has the author seeking mercy from God. In its few words it makes very clear that true mercy can only come from God. As humans we have the power (on occasion) to show mercy to others, but we only truly do this when we understand the meaning of God’s true mercy. The very fact we still exist is God’s mercy. The fact that we can be forgiven for our horrible sins against a just and righteous God are another sign of God’s mercy. We are very fortunate to have a God who shows us unmerited mercy.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for mercy. Thank you for giving us undeserved mercy. Thank you for giving us the ability to emulate you by showing mercy to others. Thank you for loving us enough to give us the opportunity to fail and the mercy to restore us. I love you Father God. Amen.

As humans we tend to want to boast about our accomplishment. We want to boast about our children, job, house etc. As Christ-followers we forget to boast enough about God. There really is no reason to boast about ourselves. Everything we have is from God. Without him we are nothing. Yet we do boast about ourselves and not God. I wonder how many more people would be Christ-followers if those who are already following Christ just boasted about the wonderful blessings – peace, joy, love etc – we receive from God.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help me to boast about you and forget about myself. Help me to see everything that is right and wonderful about my life and a gift from you. Thank you for abundantly blessing me with all that I could ever need and much that I could want. I love you father. Amen.