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I am always amazed that no matter how many times Israel and Judah turned their back on God he restored them. Jeremiah tells them in no uncertain terms they are not to go to Egypt or they will die there. They go anyway. God does the punishment he promises but he leaves a remnant to restore the land of Israel. This makes me think of how often he does this in our own lives. We turn our backs from him and spend time in Egypt, but he is ready, willing and able to restore us to right relationship with him when we listen.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving us so much that your Chesed is always available to us. Thank you for never turning your back on us completely. Help me to serve you each and every day. Help me to listen you and not spend my time in Egypt. I love you and desire to be in you will each and every day. Amen.


God sent Jeremiah to his people to tell them about the things he would cause to come pass if they did not repent of their wicked ways. They didn’t and those things came to pass. He then had Jeremiah tell the remanent lest in Judah to stay there and they would be blessed with abundant crops and a good life. They did not want to listen, but wanted to go to Egypt. He also told them that they would surly perish in Egypt by the sword, famine and pestilence. Even though God had obviously showed them he was in charge they still had little faith.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Forgive me for all too often not having the faith to listen. Forgive me for going my own way when you have clearly shown me your way. Help me to love you unconditionally and to follow you with complete faith in your abundance. I love you Father God. Thank you for loving me. Amen.

What is freedom? It is the right and ability to do anything we please? Often, this is what we think. But in the end we all must admit we only have freedom when we have limits. If murder, theft and disorderly conduct were not illegal we would all complain we are not free to enjoy living, possessions and quiet. It is the same with our relationship with God. We are given limits which if we obey give us true freedom because they restrain us all from disruptive and dangerous activities. If we chose to live completely “free” from restraint we are truly captive to fear, annoyance and hatred.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help me to be truly free by living within your truth. You have set out right and wrong, good and bad and I thank you for that. Help me to serve you each and every day. I love you. Amen.