Friends – Job 4-7

6:14 “To the one in despair, kindness46 should come from his friend47

even if48 he forsakes the fear of the Almighty.

6:15 My brothers49 have been as treacherous50 as a seasonal stream,51

and as the riverbeds of the intermittent streams52

that flow away.53

6:16 They54 are dark55 because of ice;

snow is piled56 up over them.57

6:17 When they are scorched,58 they dry up,

when it is hot, they vanish59 from their place.

6:18 Caravans60 turn aside from their routes;

they go61 into the wasteland62 and perish.63

6:19 The caravans of Tema64 looked intently65 for these streams;66

the traveling merchants67 of Sheba hoped for them.

6:20 They were distressed,68

because each one had been69 so confident;

they arrived there,70 but were disappointed.

6:21 For now71 you have become like these streams that are no help;72

you see a terror,73 and are afraid. – Job 6:15-21

Job brings up some interesting ideas about friends and friendship.   Here is a man who is known as a righteous follower of God Most High.  He is considered blameless before God, but does he have ungodly ideas about friendship.  Let’s take a look.  Job contends that even if he had turned his back on God (which he had not), that his friends should still be there to show him kindness.  Instead his friends came to lecture him on how horrible of a person he is being.  In this case, I have to agree with Job.  It would be one thing is Job was telling his friends to join him in his supposed iniquity.  Instead, Job is simply saying they should treat him with kindness instead of accusation that are unfounded.  A true friend would begin with kindness and would when appropriate bring the truth in love.  We are called as Christ-followers to be truthful with our friends who have fallen away or fallen short, but we are also called to always do it in love.

Heavenly Father,

You set a high standard for friendship.  You tell us to love someone so much that we will confront them, but at the same time it must be obvious that we still love them.  I thank you for this standard because we all need this type of love during our lives.   Lord, help me be the kind of person who show real love in this way.  I love you Lord.  Amen.


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