Why? – Job 8-10

10:18 “Why then did you bring me out from the womb?

I should have died47

and no eye would have seen me!

10:19 I should have been as though I had never existed;48

I should have been carried

right from the womb to the grave!

10:20 Are not my days few?49

Cease,50 then, and leave51 me alone,52

that I may find a little comfort,53

10:21 before I depart, never to return,54

to the land of darkness

and the deepest shadow,55

10:22 to the land of utter darkness,

like the deepest darkness,

and the deepest shadow and disorder,56

where even the light57 is like darkness.”58
– Job 10:18-22

What a question?  Why?   We all want that question answered.  Why this?  Why that?  Job was asking why because of all of the pain he was experiencing.  The truth is that we will not always be able to answer the Why question.  Sometime we just have to trust that God knows what he is doing.  If you think about it, there is so much that we simply cannot understand.  We don’t understand creation.  We don’t understand God’s love.  We don’t understand forgiveness.  Yet, we know that each of these did happen, is happening and will continue to happen.  We just have to believe that as we come through the painful or trying times times that God is in control.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the trials.  They refine us and help us learn.  Thank you for the pain because it is often through pain that we grow.  Help us to know you and love you.  I love you Lord Jesus.  Amen.


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