Forgiving Some Only – Job 11-13

11:1 Then Zophar the Naamathite spoke up and said:

11:2 “Should not this2 abundance of words be answered,3

or should this4 talkative man5

be vindicated?6

11:3 Will your idle talk7 reduce people to silence,8

and will no one rebuke9 you when you mock?10

11:4 For you have said, ‘My teaching11 is flawless,

and I am pure in your sight.’

11:5 But if only God would speak,12

if only he would open his lips against you,13

11:6 and reveal to you the secrets of wisdom –

for true wisdom has two sides14

so that you would know15

that God has forgiven some of your sins.16
– Job 11:1-6

There is an issue here.  Jobs “friend,” Zophar has this idea that God has forgiven some of Jobs sins and that he therefore actually deserve a much greater amount of punishment than he is receiving.  While we all know that we deserve death for our sins, Zophar is simply off base.  When we are forgiven, we are completely forgiven.  God does not selectively forgive us.  Sure we must be repentant, but when we are repentant we are washed clean.  In truth, we all deserve to die for our sins, but God has cleaned them completely away.  True and complete forgiveness is open to us when we are repentant.  Zophar is not only wrong, he does not understand God.

Heavenly Father,

Thanks you for forgiving us completely.  Thank you for not punishing us as we justly deserve.  Lord, I pray that you help me to see your forgiveness in front of me each and every day.  I love you Lord.  Amen.


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