Listening Ear – Job 14-16

16:1 Then Job replied:

16:2 “I have heard many things like these before.

What miserable comforters2 are you all!

16:3 Will3 there be an end to your4 windy words?5

Or what provokes6 you that you answer?7

16:4 I also could speak8 like you,

if9 you were in my place;

I could pile up10 words against you

and I could shake my head at you.11

16:5 But12 I would strengthen13 you with my words;14

comfort from my lips would bring15 you relief.

– Job 16:1-5

Once again, Job proves that he is a man of wisdom. He takes time out from him own distress to try and educate his “friends.” As it turns out, Jobs friends are telling him that he is being judged because he is such a horrible person. Now, we know we are called to tell the truth in live, but they are not really saying anything of substance. They are not pointing out the areas that Job need to work on. Instead they are telling Job that he must be doing something wrong because God has cursed him. The logic leads something to be desired.

Job supposed friends have another course they should have taken. They should be listening to Job. That is it. They should be a listening ear when Job needed someone to hear him. As you might guess, Job was in a pretty bad place. He had lost all of his material wealth, His whole family was dead except for him wife and she was basically telling him he should be dead (feel the love, huh.) Job did not need a lot of ill informed platitudes. Job needed someone to sit beside him, listen to him, pray for him and help him. God often calls us to be the kind of person who is just going to listen when we see those in need. Maybe there is nothing we (or anyone else) can do about their situation, but we can listen.

Heavenly Father,

I pray that you would give us discernment to know when to speak the truth in love and to know when there is no truth for us to speak. I pray that you would give us the ability to be a listening ear instead of a bellowing mouth when necessary. Thank you Lord for your mercy. Amen.


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