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It seems like such a simple request – Inquire of the Lord. Does it not make sense to talk with our God, creator and lover of our soul before we make life altering decision. Yet, how often do we fail to do this. I know I am guilty of this crime. I sometimes wonder when we should make these request. Should we buy a new car without inquiring of God? Or is that simply a decision based on common sense. Should we take a new job without inquiring of the Lord? I have come to believe if we live our life in constant communion with Jesus Christ, we will understand the answers to these questions in a whole new way. God leads each of us to lead our life in a different way. A multi-million can likely buy a car without question because it does not alter their ability to follow God. But a man of moderate means has to pray about the effect it will have on their giving etc. Of course, the final answer is look at your own relationship with God. God may tell the rich man to not buy a new car, or to buy a inexpensive new car because they are too materialistic.

Heavenly Father,

I need to hear your voice each and every day as I work to serve you. I know I am not always the best at asking you when I make major decision. Often, I try to rely on my “common sense” or other natural earthly ideas. Please forgive me and change me. Help me to be a true servant who makes sure he is always in his masters will. Your love is amazing. Amen.